Our product range includes:

Roller blinds
Venetian blinds
Wooden blinds
Cedar timber blinds
Composite (faux wood) blinds
Vertical blinds

Cellular (honeycomb) blinds
Sliding panel blinds
Roman blinds

A simple, contemporary finish for all windows and doors. Easy to operate with standard side chains, or Motorisation with remote control is available.

Use a single blind to control light or privacy, or pair up a screen blind with a blockout blind on the same window for a Day/Night system.

Three fabric styles are available:
Blockout: These provide complete light block and privacy, and come in a range of plain or textured weave options.
Choose from a huge colour range of Through-Coated easy care fabrics, Ideal for use in any room including bathrooms/laundries etc, or, Back-Coated fabrics which offer more thermal insulation and a neutral backing colour to the outside of the window.

Sunscreen: These offer 90-98% sun shading capabilities with three different “openness” factor weave options to suit the degree of sun and glare control needed, along with vision and privacy control.

Lighting Filtering: Textured weave fabrics that give allow soft filtered light to a room and good day or night privacy.

Traditional colour-coated aluminium venetian blinds are the most cost effective way to get VARIABLE light, sun and privacy control by simply altering the tilt angle of the blades, regardless of the direction the sun comes from.

Choose from either the slim 25mm venetian, or the wider blade 50mm Classic style.

COMPOSITE (FAUX WOOD) VENETIAN BLINDS: Made from a composite Pvc, these blinds are hard wearing, moisture resistant, and suitable for all rooms but especially ideal for kitchens, bathrooms & laundries.

These 50mm blade venetians come in white or alabaster, look just like painted wooden blinds, and are great value for money.

Premium cedar timber blinds will enhance your homes’ décor with the warmth and colour of natural or stained timber finishes, protected with a UV coating and sealant.

These blinds can also be custom painted any colour to match or compliment your rooms’ décor.

Cedar blinds are available in 45 or 60mm blade widths.

Excellent variable sun and privacy control for any room. Especially suited to large window units and sliding doors. Rotate and tilt the blades, or draw the blinds off to the side using standard chain and cord controls, or opt for the Mono Wand tilt and draw control system.

Blades can be chained together at the bottom to provide stability, or a chainless weight option is available.

Three optional blade sizes, 89, 100, and 127mm to suit window reveal depths and the look you want.

Choose from an extensive colour range of through-coated easy care blockout fabric or, if you want something really different or special, we have an exciting selection of premium décor fabrics from the UK.

A cost effective option to cedar blinds, these wooden venetians are available in coloured stain finishes as well as standard white and off-white paint finish.

These blinds are available in 45 or 60mm blade width options.

CELLULAR (HONEYCOMB) PLEATED BLINDS: These simple yet elegant fabric blinds offer excellent thermal insulating properties, with either a single or double cell of still air trapped between layers of fabric.

Fabric styles are either standard light filtering, or blockout coated (internally), for use in bedrooms or where total light exclusion is required.

Available in two pleat widths, 25 or 38mm, and a great colour range, these blinds draw up or down in a concertina fashion, and are neat unobtrusive when not in use.

Premium quality ‘Rivieria’ AL adjustable internal shutters will provide variable privacy and security, with excellent light and heat control, and will create an elegant and luxurious living environment.

Manufactured from aluminium strengthened Pvc, they are available in three blade widths, 63, 89 and 114mm, with 12 standard colours, and come as either hinged, fixed, sliding or bifolding.

For control, use either visible tilt control bars or the subtle hidden ‘Clearview’ rear tilt bar.

For most applications all shutters come complete with additional framing and light blocks.

Angles, rakes and other shapes, within reason, can be catered for.

Neatly stacking folds of fabric that combine the functionality of a window shade with the decorative impact of a soft furnishing. Roman blinds are space saving and do not intrude on wall areas.

They are easy to use and can offer excellent light and privacy control.

Operation is by either the traditional standard cord pull, or an easy chain driven mechanism requiring minimal effort.

A wide range of blind fabrics or curtaining fabric from our preferred suppliers is available to choose from.
Operation is by either the traditional standard cord pull, or an easy chain driven mechanism requiring minimal effort.

A wide range of blind fabrics or curtaining fabric from our preferred suppliers is available to choose from.

An endless range of fabrics, tracks and rod options to suit your styling tastes, all
from our selection of leading suppliers.

We will advise and help you to choose the right style and product option for your home, coordinate the making and supply of your curtains and install them to your satisfaction.